Terms Of Hire

Terms and Conditions

This Agreement is between the OPERATOR (Taste of Freedom Limited) and the HIRER (you).

Company VAT Reg 247606592


By taking the hire vehicle you are accepting the terms and conditions of this agreement. Please read the agreement carefully and raise any questions or misunderstandings with Taste of Freedom prior to hire. Misuse/breakage of systems/components due to misunderstanding is at the fault of the HIRER.

Hire quotes include:

- Unlimited mileage

- UK fully comprehensive vehicle insurance & UK breakdown cover

Insurance extras: Additional insurance charges may apply if the driver to be insured has previous traffic convictions, a non-UK license or a high risk occupation. These are as a result of increased risk providing cover. (Any questions concerning penalty points should be directed to the operator prior to booking)

Failure to disclose anything which might affect insurance to Taste of Freedom Ltd prior to hire which results in cover not being provided will not be grounds for a refund of any hire monies paid. Any license endorsements details which may affect insurance must be provided to the OPERATOR upon booking.

Breakdown cover includes mechanical faults to the base chassis and engine of the motorhome, any call out due to operator error (eg. flat battery) will be the responsibility of, and at the cost of the HIRER.

Security Deposit

A security deposit of £50 (on credit card - debit is allowed but full the excess will be taken) is required prior to release of the hire vehicle. This amount will be returned in full on return of the vehicle to the arranged location in the same condition as it was let out to you, including all appliances and the same level of fuel. In the event of damage (interior or exterior) the card will be charged up to £850 (£1000 from 1st Jan 2021 and £1250 for EU travel) to rectify said damage. Taste of Freedom Ltd reserves the right to increase the security deposit & excess to £1250 for special events (such as music festivals and sports fixtures or for higher risk hirers based on age).

In the event of damage caused to the vehicle as a result of a third party, if the third party accepts liability then the excess will usually be covered by their insurer as normal. If a 50/50 liability is agreed then half the excess may be paid by the third party insurer and the hirer's liability will be for 50% of the excess. In short any excess due as a result of collision damage to or by a third party will be the hirer's responsibility.

The deposit may be retained by Taste of Freedom Ltd to fund any loss, soiling or damage to the motorhome inside and out; including that resulting from negligence. The deposit will be refunded within 3-7 working days if the vehicle and contents are returned in the same condition the vehicle was let.

Some common damage is charged at a standard rate, the main inclusion is replacement wingmirrors. The cost to replace the mirror is £275 + VAT including parts and labour.

Taste of Freedom Ltd retains the right to charge any pre-authorised card on our booking system for any monies due as a result of damage if the original card fails.

Super Collision Damage Waiver

Should the hirer take out the Super Collision Damage Waiver (SCDW) option with Taste of Freedom Ltd they will be liable up to the reduced excess of £125 (£200 for EU travel) for any exterior damage to the vehicle as a result of an RTA (Road Traffic Accident) or accidental damage whilst in control of the vehicle.

In all other cases of damage, the full excess will apply. Interior damage is not covered by the SCDW, other exceptions include driver negligence such as wrong fuel, overhead damage caused by trees, low bridges, signs etc and damage caused by a reversing manoeuvre. The full excess shall apply in these cases.


The vehicle is insured for damage to third parties but the excess is payable by the HIRER.

Additional drivers with a clean UK license will cost £5.00 per person per day. Endorsements on a drivers’ license may increase this amount.


· Age limited 25-72 years (unless altered cover has been organised) and must have held a full license for two years.

· No more than 3 current active endorsements with SP code. (other codes please contact us). Over 3 active endorsements will incur a small charge per day.

· Both parts of valid driver’s license required from all drivers at the start of hire along with two other form of identification including proof of address (passport, utility bill).

· Drivers are liable for all penalties incurred during hire (parking, speeding fines).

The hirer agrees and understands that:

· The vehicle is comprehensively insured for damage to third parties. If an accident occurs it is the responsibility of the HIRER to collect third party information and witness information at the scene and report the incident at the local police station. Do not admit liability or fault to other parties. The HIRER agrees that they will assist Taste of Freedom Ltd in settling any claims for insurance including attending Court if required.

· The HIRER will have to pay an excess for any damage resulting whilst they are in command of the motorhome. This excess is £1000 from Jan 2021 (covered by security deposit). The cost of a recovery vehicle or change over vehicle is payable by the HIRER, regardless of fault.

· The HIRER is responsible for the rectification of frozen pipework and damage to the awning (if applicable).

· The HIRER must lock the vehicle and keep the keys suitably safe at all times.

· The HIRER must try to protect the vehicle from severe weather as much as possible.

· The HIRER must use the correct fuel and will be liable for costs to rectify the engine if they do not.

· The HIRER is responsible for damage above cab height caused by low trees, bridges etc. This is deemed negligence.

· The HIRER is responsible for cost of recovery if the vehicle becomes stuck or bogged down. You may ring us to organise assistance but the charges will apply to the secuirty deposit.

· The HIRER must not let anyone except the named drivers operate the motorhome or do work on the vehicle without prior consent from Taste of Freedom Ltd.

· The HIRER must report any faults or damage to the vehicle to Taste of Freedom Ltd immediately.

· The HIRER must not use the motorhome to tow any vehicle or trailer or carry passengers for hire or reward.

Booking confirmation and payment

A payment of £245 per hire week (or £35 per day) is required to confirm the booking, this is non-refundable. A binding contract of hire will exist when booking is accepted.

You will receive an email for the remaining balance, this is due 6 weeks prior to the start date of your hire (or at the time of booking if this is less than 6 weeks before hire).

Taste of Freedom Ltd reserves the right to cancel booking if payment is not received by this time, some flexibility will be given and second reminders will be sent. Any delay of over 7 days will be considered a cancellation, deposit will be retained and dates may be rebooked. Payment is accepted by credit or debit card, cheque (in pounds sterling) or bank transfer. There is no card fee. Cheques will not be accepted. The security deposit must be taken on card and will be refunded by this method, in the event of damage the card will be charged to repair the fault and receipts will be provided.


All cancellations must be notified in writing (email) to Taste of Freedom Ltd

If cancellation occurs more than 6 weeks before start of hire then you will be refunded in full less the booking deposit. If cancellation occurs less than 6 weeks before start of hire then all monies paid and due are non-refundable.

If however; the motorhome is re-hired for the same period then Taste of Freedom may apply a discretionary refund less an admin charge plus any other differences in hire cost and loss to Taste of freedom Ltd. This is dependent on circumstances and discounted pricing of the new booking.

COVID Policy

The above may not apply due to COVID restrictions, please check our FAQs page for further info on our policy regarding refunds and postponements due to lockdown and Tier systms.

Our normal cancellation policy applies if no lockdown restrcitions apply. Tier 2 and below then the normal polciy will apply, late cancellation due to a positive COVID test or forced isolation will be treated the same as any usual cancellation reason and our normal terms apply.

Collection & Return

Unless otherwise agreed the motorhome will be available for pick up on the collection date at the agreed location and time. Late collection may result in extra staffing charges or delay until the next day, no reimbursement will be given for the loss of hire time due to the customer’s late arrival.

The motorhome must be returned on the return date to the agreed location by the time specified. Please allow 30 minutes- 1 hour for the completion of documentation, vehicle demonstration (collection) and vehicle checks (return). The agreed collection and return times are part of the hire agreement, if you fail to return the vehicle on time you may be liable to extra charges typically £15 per 15 minutes plus any additional costs incurred by Taste of Freedom Ltd as a result. If you are returning the vehicle late please advise Taste of Freedom Ltd immediately or you may be driving whilst uninsured. Extra insurance will be organised 10 mins prior to the return time if the vehicle has not been returned, at the cost of the hirer.

Before leaving and when returning the motorhome you will be required to sign off that you have been present during the handover and return check of the motorhome. If the inspection finds that the motorhome requires extra cleaning or repair this will be entered on the sheet you will sign.

However Taste of Freedom Ltd retains a 24 hour grace period in which it may find hidden breakages or faults resulting from occupancy, if this occurs the costs will be deducted from the security deposit before it is refunded. (you will be notified of such findings immediately)

Upon commencing the hire you agree that you are happy with the condition and cleanliness of the vehicle, if you are not please advise us prior to commencing the hire and we will rectify the issue or within 6 hours of collection. Any damage or non-cleanliness afteer this time will be assumed to have occured on the hire.

Upon leaving the vehicle please ensure all personal belongings are removed. Return of left belongings will be at the hirer’s expense.

Taste of Freedom Ltd offers off road secure parking, hirers are welcome to bring their belongings and leave the car whilst on hire. Keys to any cars left with us must be handed over if in the case of an emergency the car needs to be moved.

Cars will be kept as safe as possible from damage but cars are left at the owner’s risk.

The HIRER will return the vehicle in accordance with the terms of this agreement, in a clean condition with the same amount of fuel as the vehicle had on departure, at the time and date stated. If the fuel level is not equal: the cost to equal the level will be deducted from the security deposit plus a £25.00 + VAT charge.

On accepting the vehicle on departure the HIRER agrees that on breaking this agreement they will be liable for the costs incurred and they accept the terms and conditions of this Agreement.


Due to unforeseen circumstances motorhomes may occasionally become unavailable. If this occurs Taste of Freedom Ltd will supply a motorhome to the same standard or above as the one requested or where this is not possible a full refund will be issued. This will always almost result from events beyond our control and we suggest taking out holiday insurance to protect against such events.

Taste of Freedom will not be liable for customer’s losses arising from cancellations.

Suitable Persons

Taste of Freedom Ltd reserves the right to refuse hand over of any motorhome to any person(s) whom we reasonably deem unsuitable to take responsibility of the motorhome.


Please note you will not be charged for standard cleaning; if however, the motorhome is in a soiled state and extra cleaning is required, you will be charged for this service (typically £100).

Any minor repairs to the vehicle will be carried out by Taste of Freedom Ltd where possible, these repairs will be charged at a labour cost of £25 + VAT per hour. Any repairs which require a professional estimate to be carried out will carry a £25 + VAT admin charge and the cost of fuel to gather this estimate if required.

Any parking/toll fines the HIRER incurs on hire should be paid immediately. Any fines not paid will be payable from the security deposit and an admin charge of £20 + VAT per ticket will apply. If the deposit is already exceeded then Taste of Freedom Ltd will pass liability for these fines to the HIRER.

Any speeding ticket liability will be passed to the hirer, an admin charge of £15 + VAT will apply.

Any damage to panels or components which are deemed by Taste of Freedom Ltd to be minor and will not require part replacement will be charged at a smaller fee without estimate to go towards the eventual repair or replacement of the part, typically this will be £25-150.

Smoking carries a £250 fine plus applicable cleaning fees.

Every effort will be made to provide the vehicle in a high quality state and fully operational however due to the wear on the vehicles there may be some minor cosmetic issues or non functioning components which cannot be rectified at short notice. Cosmetic issues and non-functioning equipment will not constitute grounds for any refund of monies paid, but a partial refund may be granted at the discretion of Taste of Freedom Ltd.

The waste water and toilet tank must be emptied on your last day of hire before return. A £50 charge may be applied if this is not completed.

Driving is restricted to sealed tarmac roads and Taste of Freedom Ltd reserves the right to restrict movements in times of severe weather conditions.

All passengers must be seated and wear seatbelts at all times when the motorhome is in motion. This is for your own safety.

Gas is included. Taste of Freedom Ltd will ensure plenty is supplied for the hire period, if the HIRER requires more then they may fill the gas tanks at an appropriate dealer at their own cost.



The motorhome will be supplied to use in a fully serviced condition however it is the responsibility of the HIRER to ensure water, oil, tyre pressure and fluid levels remain at a safe level.

If a mechanical or electrical fault occurs which is not due to negligence or breaking of the terms set out herein then Taste of Freedom Ltd will reimburse the HIRER for rectifying the problem provided valid receipts are provided on return and prior consent is given.

The HIRER is liable for any costs incurred from using the incorrect fuel.

Termination of Agreement

The HIRER acknowledges that Taste of Freedom Ltd may terminate this Agreement and repossess the vehicle at any time and they are responsible for the costs of repossessing the vehicle if;

- There is a breach in the Agreement.

- The vehicle has been obtained by fraud or misrepresentation.

- The vehicle is abandoned.

- The vehicle is not returned by the agreed time or Taste of Freedom Ltd has reason to believe it will not be returned by the agreed time.

- Taste of Freedom Ltd has grounds to believe that the safety of the motorhome or its passengers is in jeopardy. In the event of termination and repossession the HIRER has no right to any refund of the rental charges or security deposit.


Vehicle Ownership

The HIRER acknowledges that Taste of Freedom Ltd retains the rights and ownership of the vehicle and exchange of monies for possession of the vehicle if for rental purposes and for a limited time only. The HIRER will not agree, attempt or offer to sell, sublet, mortgage, or let any part or whole of the vehicle supplied by Taste of Freedom Ltd.

This agreement shall be governed by the laws of England.