Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question and need an answer quickly? See the frequently asked questions below to learn more.

Have a question and need an answer quickly? See the frequently asked questions below to learn more.

Do you allow dogs in your vehicles?

Yes, we are dog-friendly. You can bring along your dogs for no extra charge, we do ask you do not leave them alone in the vehicles and keep them from climbing on the upholstery

How can I pay?

You can pay by debit/credit card, bank transfer or cheque depending on preference, we will give you the option when booking the vehicle.

How much is the security deposit and what is it used for?

We require a credit card holding payment of £50 before hire commences. In the event of damage to the vehicle your card will be charged up to a maximum limit of £700 to repair any damage; full receipts and info will be provided and the option for secondary quotes is available. This is a safeguard against damage to the motorhome whilst on hire, if the motorhome is returned in the same condition it was let then you will receive the whole of your deposit back. We can offer a collision damage waiver to reduce your liability.

Do I need electric hook up while I'm away?

It is not necessary to be hooked up to the mains all the time - the heating, oven and fridge can all be powered by the gas system and the lights will work from the leisure battery, however it is recommended that you hook up at least every 2-3 days to recharge the battery. Remember if you pay for your campsite spot you might as well use the electricity! If being used for festivals we can offer a solar trickle charger to prolong the battery life.

Do I need a special license to drive a motorhome?

No you can drive our motorhomes on a standard driving license as they are all below 3.5t in weight. In fact most people are surprised by how easy the vehicles are to drive and our modern vehicles have the latest technology to make driving easier.

Do you have secure parking for my car?

Yes we offer secure, locked off-road parking whilst you are away so you can load up the car with everything you need and unpack when you arrive.

Do you have a Club Scheme membership or discount?

Yes we can give you a temporary Privilege membership of the Camping & Caravanning Club, as part of the Privilege Scheme you have access to over 110 participating campsites, at discounted rates, throughout the hire period - typically saving you £5-8 per night. It is just £15 to use this perk!

What are the collection and drop off times?

The collection time is usually 1pm on the day of collection and normally must be returned by 11am the day of return; we can offer late return if bookings allow but this may incur extra charges (see T&Cs). We are flexible! Call or email us to see if we can accommodate!

Can I take your vehicles to Europe?

Yes, European travel is available however it incurs an extra charge per driver per week due to the increased insurance premium. Typically this is £12 per day for a driver without any penalty points.

Do you operate year round?

Yes we operate year round and our motorhomes have the latest dual-fuel blown air heating systems which ensure you stay cosy even on the coldest of winter nights.

What identification do I need to bring?

When collecting the vehicle you will need your photo licence, we will require further identification prior to hire and we will let you know what we need when you book!

How old are the motorhomes?

Our motorhomes are always up to date and less than 5 years old, they offer all the latest technology and comforts. Unlike some other hire companies all our vehicles are our own so you can be assured quality and consistency.

What happens if we breakdown on hire?

Breakdown cover is included in our rates, if a breakdown or flat tyre should occur you can just give us a ring and we will arrange recovery. We advise you take out travel insurance to cover accomodation costs should the unlikley happen and the vehicle be unusable.

What are your periods of hire?

We have a minimum booking period (4 night minimum) at all times and usually longer during peak periods. There is no limit to the hire period and we offer discounts for longer booking periods.

Can I drive on an international license?

Yes you can drive our vehicles on an international license but please call or email us to make sure!

What are the ages for hiring a motorhome?

Typically 25-72, if you are outside these ages please call us, we are usually able to accommodate a few years outside these limits.

I have endorsements on my license, can I still hire?

Yes of course although an extra charge will be incurred due to insurance costs; typically £5 per day for each set of 3 penalty points less than 3 years old, please let us know this when booking.

Do I get a demonstration of the motorhome?

Yes you are given a full introduction to your motorhome so you are left in no doubt as to how things work, this usually lasts 30 mins and you will also be given a handbook with instructions to use whilst away. We will answer any questions or queries you may have and you will also be given a mobile number to contact should you need any further info whilst on hire!

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